Reltzer's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

This thread will be for all my ATC Operations on the Training Server; I will update it as I open or close stations.

No stations are currently opened

Please leave the feedback on the thread, as it may help others who are making the same mistakes as me.

Thanks in advance for coming :)

I will come as southwest 653 as a B738, do you want PM or public feedback?

Public feedback please, as it helps others while also helping me :)

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I don’t have SoFlo :-/ … If you are willing to change to a free region I’ll be right there. (Sing, Sydney, Amsterdam, SoCal, SanFran …)

I have quite a good amount of traffic at the moment, I’ll make sure to open Free regions later :)

Okay… feel free to @ me when you do

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Good job! Couple details:

  1. Try to clear & sequcence as soon as possible. At times when I was the only one using 28R I had to wait for clearance until about right base.
  2. When someone says executing missed approach, go around is needed with a new sequence/clearance - no pattern instruction required.

Transitions & Departures were spot on, well done.

Regards, Moonlit (Swiss 131)

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Amazing and constructive feedback, thanks!

About your first point, I cleared you on base because the Irish A321 was holding short at the wrong hold short point and was taking a bit too long to start rollin’, didn’t want to clear you and then issue you a Go Around!

Thanks once again for coming! :)

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Feedback already stated by @Moonlit overall the controlling was pretty good

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I see, no problem there then.
Np and thanks for the service.

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Thanks for coming! :)

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Callsign: NG0LO

Overall, well done! I second Moonlit’s points. Just one thing:

  1. When you clear someone for the option, watch if they are actually slowing down to land, then tell them to exit the runway. I slowed down to and stayed at 40 knots for a while but never got your instruction to exit the runway, until I exited the runway myself (this caused the Southwest behind me to go around).

Thanks for the session!

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Hey, thanks for coming!

At the time of your touchdown I was dealing with Swiss 131, so I was a bit late issuing you an exit command. Will work on my timings for sure!

Thanks again for coming and for the constructive feedback!

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Just opened London Stansted in the London Region. Feel free to come and give feedback.

Tell me if you got some traffic, i will open approach when so

Sure, quite quiet at the moment however.

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If you open Approach, you obviously help Tower with the sequencing of inbounds. For his training it is better if he, as Tower, does the pattern entries and sequencing. So as Approach, I don’t think you’re really helping :-)


@azeeuwnl Thanks for turning up, unfortunately got a bit messy because some Grade 2s decided to enter the runway when you were on short-base… I guess I’ll chose a less-crowded area next time…

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Greetings from PH-ADZ :-)

I came in from the South 20 NM out in the same direction/parallel to your inbound runway. So yes, the most logical pattern entry was via left downwind. Good.
If, for reason you would have instructed me to enter via right downwind, then I would have first crossed the (center of the) airport at about 5000 feet and then turn right downwind. Makes sense?

You did cleared me for the option with an exit right which is in the direction of my destination airport. Good.

You did clear me quite early though, while I was still on the downwind left. Personally I would recommend leaving that a bit later to avoid any last minute sequencing of a plane that is already cleared. It’s not wrong, but just not as clean. Well, that’s what I think. I try to clear an aircraft to clear when they are close to becoming established on the ILS.

I reported right downwind touch and go and you cleared me for the option. Good.

But then you let me extend downwind, because you had outbounds and an idiot on the runway. Again, my view, when you’re cleared you’re cleared and I would recommend against an ‘extend downwind’ to an aircraft that is already cleared. Of course being cleared doesn’t give the pilot the guarantee that he will land. You may need to I instruct a go-around if this is required.

I hope this helps!

General tips:

  • watch you ground traffic. Some pilots do the most crazy things there
  • sequencing is your friend - sequence as often as you need to create clarity for the pilots who needs to follow who
  • timing of you landing clearance. Not too late, not too early
  • a go-around is not a sin. Make it work for you
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@azeeuwnl Thanks for turning up and for the amazing tips. I usually clear a bit later, but per previous feedback I was told to clear earlier; I guess it’s personal preference.

I’ll make sure to chose a less busier area next time to avoid idiots. After all, on Expert they’d just get ghosted.

Once again, thanks for the feedback and for turning up! :)

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