Relocate Calibrate Button

Can we move the calibrate button so that it’s nowhere near the end flight button?


I don’t know about that. Never happened that I ended my flight because I wanted to calibrate my device. But I think what would be better would be menu stretched across bigger screens so that all the buttons wouldn’t be so concentrated in one area.

It’s happened to me more than once. But stretched out would be good.

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What about moving the calibrate button onto the HUD/Aircraft controls screen so that you don’t have to go to the pause menu to recalibrate? I often want to recalibrate on approach or final, but hate having to go to the pause menu.


That’s an even better suggestion @Applejax5. That would certainly work.


Oh this has happened to me. Really annoying.


I’d say the calibrate button needs to be improved, the hardest part of IF for me is this. Calibrating my device

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Happens all the time


Ill be turning base on final and go to calibrate so i can land fine after i turn ap off boom waste 20 plus minutes

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Lol I remember when the gui update came out I was usto where the old button was places and ended up ending my flight when I wanted to calibrate

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I re calibrate my device about 3 times during a flight and thankfully I haven’t ever ended the flight I have been so close to doing it though I’m literally like oh crap just as I’m about to click it :)


Best feature request yet! Very simple yet important idea


I don’t re-calibrate my device once I rotate. I keep that particular setting till I land because I do want to maintain a sense of realism.

Yea I find it very annoying when your about to take off then boom just end the flight

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Okay then, how do we get this brought to the attention of the DEVS? @Swang007.

Why did I get tagged?


Because I wasn’t sure that I should tag a Dev about this topic.

Not necessary, dev’s look at all the topics in #features

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Oh. Okay then, thanks. Sorry for any inconvenience.