Reload scenery button

When there is an issue with you internet connection, sometimes the scenery cache gets corrupted. This becomes a problme if, for example, your landing airport does not load fully. The only current fix for this requires clearing acenery cache and resrating IF.
I am proposing adding a reload surrounding scenery button in the pause menu which would reload the scenery data around your current location. This would be a nice work around until the problem gets patched.
Note: there is also an alternative solution: adding a button in the airport menu to reload just the airport.

Doesn’t the “Clear Scenery Cache” button kind of already do this?


same thing happened to me

you lose your flight

Not all the time tho…

I have done that while I fly but I have never losed my flight

This is literally the same.
If the app is crashing when you try, it’s most likely doing so for the same reason as it stopped loading the scenery in the first place.


Does that button work when flying?

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Yes, it does.