Reload flight after crash

This is an improvement that can be done when app crashes when on cruise mode.

Lets say the app crashes while on cruise mode. The app could save a temporary file on the device containing all flight parameters and exact location when the app crashes. Then user have 1 minute (or another timeframe TBD) to reopen the app and reload that temporary file. It will open the flight with same configuration as before crash and the location would be updated depending on the elapsed time between the app crash and the flight reloading.

I know it is not easy to implement this feature but it would eliminate a lot of frustration when a long haul flight crash midway.

What do you think ?

I think it will be a good idea but its a lot of work that will have to be done plus that sounds hard for them to make.

on solo, sure, but on multiplayer, I doubt they would do that


This would be a great idea, because sometimes on long flights, it crashes, which is very annoying.


The purpose is to do it on multipkayer mode. Not easy i know but doable


I mean, all parameters are already saved for replay. I didn’t code the game so I don’t know if it would actually work but it seems somewhat plausible. The issue is the edge cases ie what if your game crashes in a busy ATC airspace and then you cause issues.


As first iteration i would jist do it if you are on cruise

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I’m going to be honest but I see no logical reason for it to be a thing. Especially if your flight crashes and you reload it in the middle of an active ATC airspace. This is the reason we have the automatic server disconnection.

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This would be great but you could really only reload in solo mode

Reloading in solo mode would not have any advantage

Yes, but sometimes the app will crash for a lot of different reasons. I think this is a great Idea because it is EXTREMELY frustrating when you’re in the middle of ULH.

It would have much more of an advantage over reloading in multiplayer, that’s for certain. Especially in busy airspace more than anything. I really don’t think you thought this out fully.

Assume your game crashes when you’re in sequence to land at a staffed airport, say Los Angeles. You reload at the point the game crashed, meanwhile everyone else is still flying normally.

You may very well end up respawning directly in front of another aircraft, thereby disrupting their approach and the controller’s sequencing of arriving aircraft. The disruption then opens the door to a world of other problems for the controllers to contend with, perhaps the worst being those low on fuel.

Solo mode would be where ideas like this belong, because there is much less at stake there than in multiplayer.

Doesn’t matter why the app crashes. Reloading especially in busy airspaces is going to cause problems. Be frustrated.

Very true.

As stated in my original post, this feature would apply only in cruise mode and not during takeoff/landing phase (at least for the first iteration)

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I actually made a feature request for something like this a little while ago: Save Current State
Is this the sort of thing you mean?

Yes this is exactly what I mean

It seems that finally this feature will be implemented :)


Yep, it has been implemented! Can’t wait to see it in 24.1!

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