Releases IF

One thing that seems very curious to me is that because IF never says a release date like most video game creators

I am not criticizing that decision far from it but I would like to know why they do it that way :)


IFLLC does not give release dates for a few reasons. The main reason is that issues may arrive during testing, delaying the release, causing extreme frustration to consumers for not meeting the deadline.

Plus, it builds hype/suspense. 😁

For more information, feel free to check out the following reply from Marc. If you open the topic linked in his response, you can get some more detail.


Because everything can change, from one moment to the other.
Say they’ve given a release date, February 29th, on the 28th, a bug is discovered that renders it unplayable. They would get a lot of hate for not releasing it the following date. Thus they never give a release date :)


Wouldn’t even make it unless it’s 2024 lol


Plot twist: the bug is that it’s not a leap year.

In all sincerity though, yes, bug testing takes time and the devs prefer to deliver a quality, finished product than deliver a release date.


I also think they do it because that way they create hype and attract more people.

And also because IF likes surprises.

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