Released! | Airport & Airline Information!

Hey! I would like to let you know that I have released my new website called Takyoff!

Airport information

  • Map overview
  • Routes
  • Taxiway names
  • Gates
  • Weather
  • Runways
  • Charts
  • ATC

Airline information

  • Map overview
  • Routes
  • Fleet

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has live runway usage! Integration with Simbrief coming later!

How much does it cost?
Takyoff is free to use!

Do you have any questions or issues?
Use the contact option on Takyoff or comment below.

Want to help us out by adding or improving information?
Use the contact option on Takyoff or options available below on the airport or airline page.


Try it out!

Quick reminder

Takyoff, and all contained data, is intended for simulated flights or hobbyists only and must not be used in real-world flight situations. Takyoff cannot be held responsible for use outside of these limitations.

I would love to hear feedback and ways to make Takyoff even better! Thank you!

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Okay, now THIS is cool. Bravo!

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Hey, I am having a bug …when ever I open the search bar my keyboard in my phone goes back down.
Unable to type anything

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Hi! What browser are you using?

Hi, can this be used for any flight sim or is it Infinite Flight specific?

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Also do you know if smaller GA airports are going to be added eventually? Like KVGT?

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Hi! It can be used for any sim. GA airports are currently disabled for several reasons and will become available in the future.

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Sweet, thanks!

This is lovely, but LTFM ( the biggest Airport in Turkey) isn’t there 👀


This is perfect…Great job mate💪🙌🔥

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