Release The Fighters - Wings Over North Georgia Airshow Part 2!

Hey everyone and welcome back to my second topic from the airshow! Today I have two cargo shots and eight fighter shots! Let’s begin!

To kick things off, here’s a Dobbins ARB C130 moments after lifting off for it’s takeoff! I love catching my local C130’s!

Next up we have my all time favorite shot I’ve ever gotten of the C17, and that is simply due to the background! The colorful trees blend so well with this aircraft!

Next up we have a shot of the A10 Warthog! This aircraft is a fighting machine, and is even better in high humidity! This shot somehow blew up overnight and became my most liked Instagram photo!

Next up we have Venom, the F16 Demo Team’s specialty jet! This aircraft is already awesome on its own and insane with this paint job added on as well! This was my first time seeing an F16 up close and let me just say neither I nor my ears were

And now, all the way from my favorite AFB in the world (Nellis AFB) the United States Thunderbirdssssssssss. If you’ve ever seen the Thunderbirds perform you’ll get that reference

One of the Thunderbirds’ wives actually had a baby a few weeks ago, so for the time being, they are actually flying in a three ship formation!

And finally, my favorite shot I took at the airshow, a Thunderbird F16 with vapor trails on it! Never thought I would get the opportunity for a shot like this and am absolutely blown away that I was able too!

Believe it or not I still have hundreds more shots from the show so keep an eye peeled for a third topic coming eventually!

As always, NONE of these photos are free too use, you must contact me for use permissions!

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Those pictures are legendary!

That last one is definitely my favorite :D

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ME: clicks on google chrome
Chrome: Doesn’t open
ME: clicks 500 times


It’s mine too!

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The C130 with those spinny things from the props look sooo cool!!!


I think so too!


Chrome: CEO of never opening


Awesome shots!! Venom and the Shiv-Mobile look way cooler with VAPE 😱

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I heard the show was beautiful! Before WONG they Thunderbirds, F22 Demo Team, F35 Demo Team, P-51 (I don’t know if they’re considered a demo team), and the A-10 Demo Team at Fort Worth Alliance!(upload://gLYFumKAfNeV9oDify75zVVwFoA.jpeg)


Any aircraft does!

Nice! Was hoping we were gonna get the F22/F35 demos but we didn’t

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That’s rough, they were loud!

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I’ve seen them both before just not with my new camera

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