Release Notes: New Violations & Ghost Warnings (v19.1)

In 19.1 update log, I noticed there’s a item say “new violation & ghosting warnings”. Who can tell me some detail about this item? thanks a lot~

btw, this update is so amazing! Live replay is a prefect function~And A330’s update is amazing too,Thanks to the development team for their efforts


See this picture for an example. Basically makes them impossible to miss, as they stay on your screen until corrected or dismissed. :)


I was taxiing and I saw the violation warning for overspending on taxi and it scared me so much…


I think that the warnings have been re worked to remain visible so that you know when you get a warning or if you get ghosted. As the previous warnings came up and then went away. Hope this helps. :)

got it~thank u so much~

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No problem!

when you are taxiing, speed limit is 35knots (or maybe 30knots)

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It is 35 knots

i stopped on the runway and few seconds later the banner appeared with a warring, its really nice there shouldn’t be an excuse for speed violations on taxiway at this point

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