Release Dates

Hi All! If you’ve been a part of this community for a little bit now, you may have noticed that the development team never give out release dates.

I get that they work hard on updates and they have a smaller team compared to other games however there’s an issue here. Now before all of the regulars and wannabe regulars come and bash me, actually read the entire post and use your brain for once instead of talking out your rear end.
There’s come a point where saying “it will be done when it’s done” isn’t good enough and frankly IF has reached that point. When your a small startup and your getting started that’s fine, but IF is the opposite. Simply saying “it will be done when it’s done” it dumb and to be honest a slap in the face to the community. Even further saying “developers don’t set timelines and deadlines” is ludicrous. I know and have personally worked with developers through other mediums and I can tell you for a fact they DO set deadlines. We don’t want a release as soon as you start the aircraft, but once when someone asks simply saying “when it’s done” isn’t a good answer or a good business practice. Set a release date and stick to it to as far as you can. If you have to push it back for some reason then do it! People would rather know it’s coming soon and know that it’s close than be told “it will come soon” constantly. After awhile coming soon simply doesn’t mean anything. That could mean tomorrow, a week, a month, 10 years, anything!
Now for the second part of this, the community. You’ve obviously all been lured into the forum norm of sucking up and saying “the devs work hard and they will release it when they are ready.” Learn to think to yourself instead of being a sheep being lead to the slaughter. Don’t do what the regulars say because they have been given a social status upgrade to make them seem superior to all others because they aren’t. Think for yourself.


I’m sure that the developers set deadlines for updates internally but never release to the public, as they have mentioned multiple times that they don’t want to disappoint people, as last minute ‘show stopper’ bugs can appear.

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You will not believe how many posts there have been saying:

We cannot confirm any dates

Have you even thought about the delays, processes and lives the devs and the amazing people who create aircaft have? IF there were to be an ETA it would be pretty ridiculous, and there would be no point in having one.

What’s the harm in releasing to the public? If a last minute bug occurs push back the release date. Release dates create more hype around an update which can lead to an increase in interest and players.

Because if there’s a show stopping bug and they don’t release on that date, the amount of frustration that people would have, would be overwhelming.


I’ve seen IF give times. Like Summer of 2019. That I think is enough, although its 3 months, I can come at any point during that time. I think thats enough

Read the second part.

Release dates… got it.

TLDR; they aren’t announced because of development speedbumps, such as bugs, that might/will/do occur. 🙂