Release date for 21.1

Btw is it true you guys have to hack the game for tilted landed gear. When I watched the vid from Aviation6 my head was spinning 360 in confusion

No its just that I was trying to say we are most likely to expect it in an update in the near future
But yeah Im going along Infinite Flight’s phrase ‘Coming. When it’s ready’

It’s coming eventually, but they haven’t said which update or when :)

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Do not listen to any unofficial sources. Assume all speculation and conspiracies are false as they usually are. They are saying things to get views for their own channel benefit.

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Well idk im just asking someone not saying its false nor true

Hmm yeah but I sometimes watch Aviator6 to see what they say about future updates and they have actually been quite factual up until now (I don’t watch them often, but on the rare occasions that I do, thats what I though of them)

If nothing has been said about that subject or any subject at all, assume whatever they are saying is absurd. End conclusion is that the only source that is fully accurate will be the information coming from all official Infinite Flight social media and their staff team. :)

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The fact that you and more than 5,000 other people can trust a YouTuber that’s been producing clickbait such as “777X In Infinite Flight!”, “Custom Liveries In Infinite Flight!”, and “ATR-72 in 21.2” is concerning.


Idk haven’t watched him a lot lol, definitely not defending him

I mean the ATR won’t come in 21.2 but Ik it will come soon based on the last votes

As always the best places to watch are Infinite Flight’s official social media channels! Stay tuned!


Coming soon to devices near you 😉

90s and early 2000 babies will understand this reference