Release date for 21.1

I have some questions about 21.1. Im very excited about project metal, The a330 rework and buildings (wow).
My first question. Will the Airbus a330 have a full cabin. The 757 had a full cabin and i wonder if the A330 will have the cabin.
Next question. What will project metal do? and will the jetblue a320 livery come to IF?

The answer to all of these questions is… you’ll have to wait and see. Keep an eye on Infinite Flight social media, the blog page and also the announcements category on the forum for more information when the time comes!

Also this should be in #general rather than #support, as it’s not a technical issue with the app.


oh my. ok im biting my nails here, im really excited

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The A330 nor ant of those other things are confirmed for 21.1 as well. There will be official announcements when it is time. As they said in the instagram teaser for the clouds and buildings, “Coming when its ready”

Tldr; we are all ready and excited but it will come when the developers think its ready.

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Going off previous updates, probably May or June. But more importantly “it’s ready when it’s ready”🤗

Just to clear up some stuff on the subject of “release dates” unlike other companies, Infinite Flight does not provide actual release dates to the public nor do they even know it. Not even their internal team of staff members know when exaclty it’ll be coming out. This is due to roadblocks that pop up during an update cycle that can delay the process. This is why it is constantly said it’ll be released when it’s ready and up to their company standards. Now to answer about Project Metal. Project Metal is rewriting a lot of the older code Infinite Flight still runs off of to offer a new horizon of possibilities to come. You can read more about it here. Feel free to ask any more questions you may have!


woah. thats a large comment but ill take a fat look at it


Awesome! I’m sure the blog I’ve also included in there will help you understand Project Metal more. As always, feel free to shoot me a pm if you have any questions or need anything. Happy reading!

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thanks alot

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The a330 is confirmed or 21.1 what r u talking about

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We want update 21.1 as soon as possible, but think about the infinity flight team that is having a hard time getting it as soon as possible, but that takes time, we just have to wait.

Really? You have a source for this?


A330 was confirmed for rework, we don’t know if it’ll come in 21.1 or not

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Didnt they say it?

I mean it was rumoured that the A330 would come out with the 757 if it was ready in time. I don’t know how true that might have been (I can’t remember the source of that rumour) but I’m pretty sure that’s true

Just putting it out there to not believe any rumors you may hear. The only official stuff you’ll be hearing is from staff and from Infinite Flight’s social media pages. It takes quite a bit to build an aircraft just keep in mind. And no, nothing about the status of the A330 project has been said at all from an official source.

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They said a rework, never said the next update, as far as we know it might not come till 22.1…

Yeah no I totally understand, but I remember something like this

it might have been the vote poll or something similar
Or actually I think it might have been the official thread that announced that the A330 won

Like some official source from one of the staff/mods maybe. I can’t remember exactly though

The only thing said about the A330 is that it’s in the works and is in the plans. We can discuss this further via PM I’d you’d like so we don’t clog this thread.