Relaxed weekend spotting

I was at a place named an…airport? Is it similar to to the AirPort Apple sold?

Apparently this “airport” is called EHEH

I’m saving up money to soon go to Schiphol again. These train tickets are too expensive for a broke person like me

The son of Zeus coming from Larnaca

Wizz A321neo from goulash land (I love goulash)

Aegean needs to inspect this aircraft, it has grown a beak

We get it ryanair, you formed Malta air together with the Maltese government to pay less taxes

There we go, a ryanair registered in Ireland wearing the shiny, new split scimitars

Laugh at me for blowing out the highlights on this one

Departing into the sunset

Shameless plug: I said screw it and made an insta


Great shots, really got the lighting on point!

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Beautiful pictures!

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Nice shots of the runway and the planes at the same time the perfect position to be in well done 🛫

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Epic photos. The Ryanair MAX looks really nice.

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This looks like it could go on Wizzair’s website 😯

Nicely done!


Thanks! I’m trying my best to get the best lighting, even if it means waking up at 7am on a weekend

I think I’m fortunate enough to have a 400mm on an aps-c allowing me to have tons of reach and unlock shots like these

Unpopular opinion: the ryanair livery looks good

If you know anyone working at wizzair, put in a good word for me


May be unpopular, but it’s true.

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Except for this one

Fortunately it has been removed

That’s traumatic to see

Nice pictures mate! Next time you go to EHEH please shoot me a DM as I want to go there also

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Zeker! Spotting with others is always fun

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Great job!

I love all of these pictures.

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