Relax it is just a request

Please stop saying that training server ATC doesn’t know what they’re doing when you spawn in and ask for a Runway and just because we don’t give you that Runway now we don’t know what we’re doing not true. How about you look at your map and see which way traffic is Flowing even if all runways are empty. If I ask you to push back for a certain Runway it’s because those are the departing runways thank you very much. We understand that you might be upset that you have to Taxi a little way but it is what it is. We as ATC can’t control where you spawned but we can ask you a k a control our ground and Tower space thank you


And then there are the flexible controllers.

I agree with that there are flexible controllers, however can we get the right to be flexible first that would go a long way

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And as far as being flexible is concerned yes we are flexible as ATC controllers however if there are pilots inbound looking at their map and they see you departing on an arrivals Runway some pilot is going to ask for that Runway as an arrivals Runway and they shouldn’t be

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Unfortunately as it is Training server most people just don’t care, they might not follow your instructions and nothing will happen to them.

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Yes it’s agreed it’s training server. I just wish folks who could fly on Expert would stay on Expert and leave us training server people alone as its training server and we don’t know what we’re doing quote unquote

Relax buddy, it’s called Training server for a reason, people are there to learn and not criticize, i was just pointing out that if the server is dedicated to people trying to learn the sim, there is going to be people that are unaware that what they are doing is wrong, you just have to deal with it.


I most definitely agree with you there. Believe me I am relaxed I’m not a ATC or expert yet hahaha. It just kills me when you have certain pilots who have certain grades that know the procedures but that come on the training server when ATC is giving them correct instructions and because they’re not on Expert and can’t get Ghost they still choose not to follow correct training server ATC nstructions therefore messing up the flow of traffic

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And how can we learn as ATC controllers on the training server when we’re giving you correct commands and because you’re not on Expert you just choose to take off or lland on any Runway you choose, to us as ATC controllers that is not learning that is just a blatant disrespect for airspace or ground movement on the training server. Thank you happy Landings to all

By the way we did get a little off topic. The point of this post was to reiterate that a Runway request is just that a Runway request

Well lets remember it’s called Infinite Flight not Infinite ATC.

Perhaps people just want to go flying near other aeroplanes and not be bossed around by some power happy “controller”.

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That’s why in that case you should go to an airport that is uncontrolled, that way the pilot won’t feel as if they’re being bossed around. Oh isn’t there a server already in place for free flight 🤔


I totally agree in all you are saying. I’ve been suffering this since the first day I went into training server. I would recommend you applying for IFATC or just search for an organization or airline in which people can help you practising within VA events.

Also please take note, ATC controllers on the training server only have limited resources to control. ATC controllers on the training server do NOT have atis to tell you which Runway we are using for both arrivals and departures. For that matter if you think about it replay was only going to be given to the expert servers or controllers then thank God for God’s wisdom the developers gave replay to everyone

On this topic I also am putting out a message that when people are tower, ground etc respect them cause when I’m that some people put stress they ask something a million times and people asking for patterns when I say no pattern work accepted at this time

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Oh my God I agree with you so much. Then the pilot gets upset when you tell them no pattern work allowed at this time then you broadcast a message to all Pilots no pattern work except it at this time and they still take off fly around right outside of your air space and then try to land at the same airport they just took off from to me that’s pattern work but hey what do I know

And they also do not understand because ATC controllers do not have a t i s when you request a push back and request a Runway we will give you the runway we want you on not your requested even though the field may be empty to you on the ground I’m worried about inbound traffic as well thank you cleared for pushback ( to the runway I told you to push back for not your requested Runway)

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Why should they? They’ve paid a subscription to fly online.

Agreed we all paid subscription including ATC controllers on the training server that are giving correct commands to pilots who treat or correct commands as if they are on the Casual server which is also part of a paid subscription there for go to an uncontrolled airport if you do not feel like being bossed around or following correct ATC instructions on the training server

Oooooor they could just do whatever they like as they’re on the training server…just saying.

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