Relax, FDS is on it!

Hey guys,

GLOBAL HAS BEEN RELEASED, HOORAY!!! It’s a day to remember and a call for celebration. Today, IF has represented itself as a whole new simulator and has raised the bar for all mobile sims by far… and for this, kudos to the entire FDS team and everybody else that have taken part in making IF what it is today.

With the release of global, bugs were expected, issues were predicted to arise and that’s the reason the devs worked so hard to minimalize errors before the release. Although, there will always be those few errors and problems at the start, especially after releasing such an anticipated update.

Many people are facing issues regarding subscriptions, loading times, updating issues, etc. I understand your excitement for the update and I know how it feels because I’m an Android user over here looking at the compliments of a bunch of ios users who already have global (ios…ikr) .

Please realize that even if you are facing issues right now, you’re probably not the only one in that situation and there are probably people facing worse issues than you. So, as a fellow community member who is equally as excited as you are, please just be patient and let the FDS team do what they’re good at.

Over the course of the release I’ve witnessed at least 20 support topics pop up and the majority of which were all pointing out to the same issue. And that…that is an understatement.
The mods are replying to topics faster than half of us can type a sentence and the entire FDS team is doing their best to fix all of your issues.

So PLEASE, if you are facing an issue, before creating a new topic, try looking at existing topics and browse around on the community a bit to find a solution. If, after this you still don’t find a solution I suggest you just wait a little while and let things sort themselves out. After all, the FDS team, no matter how inhuman their developing capabilities are, they still are human themselves and need time to help us all out.

So, lets all just take a quick breather and let the team work things out, global isn’t going anywhere.

Cheers and see ya in the skies,