Rejoining IF after a while

Hi all,
Just landed back in IF after a few months away from the flight deck. Here are my thoughts:

  • The taxi map feature is absolutely amazing! It’s getting handier these days to navigate around aprons unlike pre 20.1(especially at nights). Would be hyped if labels can be made later on (i.e taxiways in alphabetical orders)

  • The TS has gone a lot quieter than before. It used to be KLAX and EGLL as hubs but now it’s KLAX dominating the arrivals. Not exactly sure what happened.

  • the arrival/departure route function is easy to get along. Probably because I use Jeppesen all the time with some grasps on how it works.

  • And, last but not least, the expert servers became far more active than Jan/Feb! 9/10 is related to COVID I bet. There’s even ATC with approaches at 0500 ZULU today even it’s nearly FNF time.


Great to hear that you are back!

Hi mate,

Welcome back to Infinite Flight! In past time, Infinite Flight has changed a lot! We got reworked B772 and Center Frequency in 20.1 and new B77W, B77L and B77F will come in 20.2! As your word, Expert Server is more active because we have many new members and new Officers! They provide us wonderful experience with Infinite Flight!


Welcome back to the community! It’s really nice to see someone rejoin Infinite Flight.

For sure, taxiing was much easier when 20.1 came. Of course, having taxiway markings would be way easier. I’ve linked a features topic about that below though, so feel free to vote if you’d like;

Taxiway lights, if you’re interested:

Seems like people have moved on to the Expert Server as it’s way more professional there. Some people’s subscription may have run out too.

For sure! Due to the current situation, everyone’s staying at home, so why not pick up the gadget and fly? The peak was actually in June though! We actually had almost 300 arrivals into Tokyo Narita in one day itself.

As you may be unfamiliar with the many new features that came in 20.1, feel free to ask you’ve any questions about anything (how to do this and that eg)! The community is always willing to help :)


Good morning all,
I have just caught up with IF too, these maj are too good !!
But suddenly we can no longer see the trajectories / routes of the other pilots ?


@Louak14 hmmmm that must be a glitch for you. I can still see if perfectly for other pilots. Maybe try rebooting your device? That’s weird 🤔

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That’s must only be for you. Those people might just be in beta

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It was especially on the casual server, on training it works;) thank you!

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