Rejected Takeoff

It would be awsome if within the next update, the tower frequency could have an additional message, “Aborting Takeoff” i had to cancel takeoff at narita earlier, because of a “birdstrike before v1” can someone cnp this post on behalf of me within the features category? Thanks!


The reason you can’t create a Features is because you are still Trust Level 1 (Basic User). You need to be Trust Level 2 (Member) in order to post in that category.

There is an existing topic for a command on “Aborting Takeoff.” You can vote for it here:

simulates own emergency

makes it someone else’s problem

asks others to do his bidding

This is a gem of a topic. I support the feature request and the hustle.


Much love, thanks for the support. Let’s just hope this gets added in the near future, it would make for some awesome roleplay situations! Maybe the ground frequency you could also state what had happened so the ground can determine what they need to do in order for you to get to the apron as fast as possible.