Rejected takeoff

Yep, when I had just got IF pro on training (once on expert) I forgot to check my fuel for a long haul because of f my lack on IF knowledge, still today it would be great to have it.

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Reread the topic. Apologies…I got it now! I like the concept! I do see an issue could also cause collisions. As swell as more collisions I believe. I think they will run into issues with pilots announcing this with a plane coming up behind them. Not having enough time for the controller to repeat ur message and give a go around to the plane in the air. If they implemented a quick message section or speech to text would solve this issue. I think that if the developers wanted this in the sim, I believe it would have already been in there. I see it being used more in a trolly or issue causing way.
Im not one to speak on behalf of the devs if this gets enough votes it will maybe get to the game!

People do make mistakes, and instead of a botched takeoff, runway overrun etc. a simple " XXX Rejecting takeoff" and a “XXX exit Rwy at the first available exit, contact ground when ready” Ground can instruct to proceed to gate or parking .
This would be a huge help to everyone involved as opposed to a aircraft running off the runway or exiting without any apparent reason …what is the negative to this ?

Trolls that will misuse the command just to disrupt the flow of the airport or cause someone to go-around, etc. Trust me, there are plenty of people that do so now, adding a feature like this would create more of an issue.

You do realize not everyone has to think the same way as you, right? So, I don’t see a issue with implementing system 🙂


I thought you said your done with “constructive criticism” smh

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I see what your saying, 100% agree.


It sounds like he is he took a different approach to Criticizing Directly…Take a break Matt. They get your point if they staff didnt want it to be something even a features request it would not be on the forum now. No need to get into a heated discussion. If you wish to take it to a dm do so.

Lets get back on topic people and talk about Rejected Take-Off’s


Childish game behaivior will exist, it already does
I addressed this concern, by making a taxi to gate or parking and a shut down , before a restart and re-clearing to taxi again back to the RWY as the accepted proceedure this will help reduce those just wanting to play with it. On expert server we hope that abort take off thrillseakers will be minimal. The pro’s far outway the con’s , I voted for , you don’t have too .So lets see what the community thinks in votes We can debate it for ever


In casual server absolutely. However, Ghosts and Violations are there for a reason. So anyone who obviously misuse’s this in Expert would then have a violation. I’m guessing your part of IFATC so it’s technically part of your job description to implement such rules to people who don’t follow the rules? If you can’t handle the heat then you need to get out of the kitchen.
It’s defo an interesting feature and absolutely would provide more realism to the game. It’s the lack of emergencies in the game for it to be properly implemented in my opinion but none the less a good request!

Oh okay, I don’t understand constructive criticism in some ways a lot. My apologies

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I have a genuine question for all of you (@Texan, @phoenix74, @Ubaid1): how would you differentiate trolls from actual people that are utilizing the feature properly? Yes, it sounds easier said than done, but what criteria would be expected or implemented in terms of IFATC procedures?

Also @Texan, that previous response was a response to a genuine question that @phoenix74 had, to which I provided a response that was relevant. That’s not criticism, it’s providing insight and ideas.

So if your worried about trolls then how would YOU differentiate the differences? As your the one who seems to be worked up about the trolls in the first place?
As this feature is a request and not in the game I can’t exactly say how a troll would use it and how a person is actually utilising it however you would know who is trolling and who isn’t right from the get go and especially on the ES trolls are dealt with pretty quickly (from what Iv seen anyway). Like I said before this feature needs more emergency type situations for it to be implemented properly but it’s a realistic feature.

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This is the reason why I asked the question in the first place. How would me, as a controller, be able to determine if it is genuine or just a troll? Say, for example, someone causes a go-around at the hub airport, how do we gauge if it’s someone that genuinely having to abort takeoff or if it’s someone forcefully trying to disrupt the airport operations by causing others to go-around?

I think we’ll just have to give them the benefit of the doubt. However, if they do it a second time right after, or word gets around within controllers that they’re a common suspect, we will have to think twice.


I mean it depends on the situation. A controller sees the situation for what it is no? As IF is just a game and not as technical in real life. If you can clearly see that there was no need for a rejected take off call I.e. no one crossing the runway or any other reason for it to be called then it’s clearly just trolling.
If this feature was implemented I think the reasons for it to be used should be more then just “oh Iv got one engine on” or something like that etc.
It’s down to the controller to realise who’s trolling and who isn’t.

But then, to be fair to both sides, that does raise the question on how to deal with appeals from reports of misuse of the feature. How can we be sure that someone appealing a report is 100% truthful when saying they actually had an emergency, and not just pressed the emergency button for the fun of it or purposely “forgot” to turn on their #1 Engine?

Just a genuine question. I’m not trying to scruntinize anyone or this feature request, I love it and would love to see it in game.


This is where I’m saying to use this feature should be something a lot more transparent and easy to see what the issue is. So ATC knows it’s genuine or if it’s not. In my opinion it would be difficult to implement it without emergency like situations added to the game but that’s a different topic lol. I just think it’s a good request and that the person who requested it shouldn’t be belittled or insulted quite frankly.

100% agreed! It would be awesome to see in game. I just had a genuine question and stated that in the question.


Oh don’t worry I know haha! I see both sides too! But I’m sure the troll side would be solvable to ensure a smooth flight :)