Rejected Takeoff on Live ATC

I sometimes had to reject takeoff due to various reasons and there’s no message to tell the controller you rejected Takeoff. Should be added a message? I think yes. What do you think?


Wouldn’t that be the same as hold short?

I completely agree, the controller should be able to tell you to reject and you should be able to tell the controller that you are rejecting

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Yes there is. Once you’re on a takeoff roll and need to abort, tell the ATC “Stand By”, spoilers to armed and thrust reverses armed. Exit the runway quickly.

No, rejecting is when you stop halfway through the takeoff or during the takeoff. That is why there is V1. You can’t reject takeoff after V1 speed.

I see I didnt understand I think this would be a great idea!

I’m sure this has already been requested. :)

Use the search function and you’ll find it.