Rejected or Go around when you were flying?

Have you been any experience with emergency causes when you were flying?

For myself, I have never experience like this

Put your experience below and Share it with us.

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Nope. I haven’t. The only thing that has happen to me was on a flight from LAX to IAD. After we arrived at the gate the plane was so tail heavy that they had to install a stand to keep the nose wheel from lifting off the ground.

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It was loaded a heavy load, What was the type of aircraft?

I had a bird strike to my propeller/engine cowling a few weeks back. For a single engine airplane that can be a big deal. Luckily the bird didn’t do too much damage and we did a precautionary emergency landing with no issues.

Too much wind at LBA and I was diverted to MAN.

I have! UA945 from EDDF - ORD on a 777-200ER, a really old lady from Iraq was coming to the US to visit and wasn’t eating anything on the flight to ORD or from her flight in Iraq, resulting her to be dehydrated and when the staff found out, we declared an emergency and cut all approaches from the intl flights to a really fast short final! Once we exited we got to the terminal and had medics take her off! Pretty crazy! I know this pretty well because my aunt was helping the lady and is a nurse!

When landing at Thiruvananthapuram we were too high on the glide scope so we went for a go around. Silkair A320 by the way.

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Luckily no, worst thing I’ve had to deal with is a 12 hour deal

No. Haven’t had a rejected takeoff or go around. We did have to wait on a taxiway for a little while once will another aircraft pushed back. That’s about it.

United 777 into Frankfurt, we had a go around, and all the crew said was issues on the ground. Also once in Frontier diverted from Denver to the Springs because we got low fuel being stuck in a holding pattern while a storm rollled over.

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Flight: Spirit Airlines Flight 828
Route: TGU-FLL
Aircraft: Airbus A320-232
Reason: Aircraft on the runway
Full Story of my first go around:

Air Canada 77W go around at YYZ. Those GE90’s sure do sound nice…although I wish it wasn’t under those circumstances lol. I don’t remember exactly why we had to do the go around, but it was shortly after the Lufthansa A340 crash there so pilots weren’t taking any chances.

Did three go arounds on Tuesday

Getting an engine overhaul after that?

I’m sure maintenance had to tear that thing apart. There was no blood or feathers anywhere, but I saw/felt it hit, and my wingman (it was a formation flight) saw it hit and then spiral unconscious (or dead) down to the ground. RIP bird.

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