Reintroducing myself...Now that I have subscribed to Pro!

Good morning fellow pilots!

I had joined a few months back and received a warm introduction from so many! Had my phone not ended up in the phone boneyard, I would’ve been already on the e,left server! Haha, that’d be my joke cor the morning.

A quick reintro: My grandfather’s brother was pilot for Oklahoma St. athletics as a volunteer. Ten souls unfortunately perished in a crash in 2001. Since he took me on my first ride in a helicopter as a young child, my interest was peaked.

I have to admit, you can play all the flight sim apps you want. But these first couple days have been practice for me in solo. And it is way different bringing an Airbus down for approach and landing than anything I’ve experienced in other apps.

I just want to say that when I first posted months ago, I knew this would be the place for me. Never have I joined a forum and been so welcomed! And I have to say this played a big role in me joining (After replacing my phone).

A big shout out to Mr. Mark Denton as I’ve enjoyed every video he’s put together. And to the other members who have done videos and posts, I promise you it is greatly appreciated.

After some studying today and more practice, I’ll be hitting the training server for the first time.

And as my journey begins, I would love to hear your suggestions (Time is not a factor), what would you recommend for your first flight?

Hopefully, I’ll see you all in the skies soon. This simulator just is magnificent, to everyone from developers, programmers, contributors, thank you!


Welcome to the Infinite Flight skies! I do hope you will enjoy your subscription. And see you in Infinite Flight skies ;)


Wise choice getting that Pro Subscription. Have a look at the link below for some route suggestions:

Have a look at Community Events too. It’s a good way to meet new pilots and seek adventure.

Hope you enjoy! Be safe out there. Cheers, Levet


Hey! Welcome to the community! I’d recommend some flight in New Zealand (not Aus though 😉) as that was the first area the truly wowed me when I first flew there. I’d stay away from the noob airports on the TS (JFK, LAX, DXB, LHR, etc.) until reaching expert. Try doing a few long hauls overnight (weekends are fun for that) to increase xp. Don’t forget to do some VFR flying around the Himalayas in a prop and try landing at Lukla. Once you reach expert, you can enjoy the quality ATC provided by my fellow controllers and maybe even join us! Enjoy this community, it is truly a nice place to be :).


George, I would say in five days, I’ve already got my money’s worth Thanks pal!

And Levet, thanks so much for that 😁. I would’ve maybe found it eventually, I’ve tried to focus on just tutorials because I get lost on these forums.

So I have every aircraft downloaded, time to practice some more and start the journey! And learning to get into ATC, I will love to just direct when I am not in the air.

In a few days, I’m going to go ahead and do 3 months at a time. One month and I’d be destroyed wanting more!


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Thanks for the info, I’ve got a notebook I’ve been using and I jotted this info down.
Since I’m fortunate enough I am at home 24/7 and can play at anytime, I do believe I’m going to try the overnight haul tonight.

And I’m the type of person, I’ll eventually get to enjoy that world class ACT work. I knew coming in, this will take time and I love learning from everyone.

If somebody dont have time constraints and family obligations, expert should be the ultimate goal for most.

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Honestly, with global, expert doesn’t take much to attain. Let’s say that you do a 10 hr overnight flight every night. I just did one and got 5000 xp. In eight days, you’ll be on expert.

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Just be careful on the Training Server, there’s some people on there who don’t take things seriously. Avoid KLAX at all costs!

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It’s great to have you here. This great flight sim will keep you entertained and addicted for years to come I’m sure


Wow, I’d never took the time to breakdown the time it would take.
In that time, I know I will be able to get down the more tedious topics.
And I’m sure there are excellent pilots who don’t get on the expert server or are unable, to me though, that’s where you have to fly as if it was real life in front of you.

Thank for that nugget of wisdom, very helpful!

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@RTG, I knew it wasn’t going to be the most orderly playground. As panda pointed out, gaining access to expert won’t be nearly as time consuming as I was guessing.

I guess that’s why I see so many, “Why did this _____ infraction happen on expert server?”

I can see so many jumping the gun though. Going in prepared and practice is my main focus.

Thanks for the LAX tip, I’ve not even did a full flight into the majors yet. I was hoping that landing and navigating to smaller regional airports around me would be the best experience to gain practicing.

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Thanks Charts! I was almost two months in between phones. And I had not played pro yet but I was getting a subscription the day before my phone bit it.
And now after getting a new device and Pro, I’m glad I had never had a subscription before. I don’t know if I’d been able to survive 😀😁😂

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Hello and Welcome back to the community! Thanks for lending FDS one of many hundreds of helping hands too.

What I would suggest is bumping your XP up while you’re flying. Have a look at how your XP is counted via the posts below.

Long Hauls and fast and tight crosswind patterns. It’ll be good for refreshing your landings and exploring the world.

Happy Flying, and Smooth Skies.

(That’s Chatta, not Charts. 😜)

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Welcome aboard, from a former regular who’s just getting back into the swing of things here. I believe you’ll like what you see on this sim and forum.

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