Reinstall Infinite flight to fix visibility, but nothing happens



If this is on Solo, then you can change the visibility yourself in the menu. You find the menu screen, by pressing on the three horizontal bars to the bottom right, and then pick weather on the left side, and then adjust the visibility with the slide.

If this is in the Live Servers (Casual, Training or Expert Server), the n those servers are using real life weather data, which means if a airport is located in a area/region that has bad visibility right now, then that will be shown in Infinite Flight too. You may spawn into a different airport where there is good visibility instead, if that’s the case that the airport you spawned into now has low visibility.


Ok so it is a glitch from Infinite Flight probbably as on LRBS which is less than 10 km away from LROP is sunny.So it might be a bug on LROP.
This is happenning in Live Servers and Solo as well.
Anyways thanks for your fast reply and help.

Looking at the screenshot provided, everything looks to be fine. Infinite Flight data uses Real Life Airport METARS which is updated every time so often (can take a few minutes).

If you’d like to see the visibility changes, you might want to increase your graphic settings, as the thick visibility layer usually shows up more when you increase your graphic settings in the game, as if you have lower settings, the visibility fog usually will not show up.

So I still have this issue and I think that this is a bug or something like this as on other airports I have real weather.I have real weather on LROP as well but only winds which is kinda annoying.
The visibility is stuck at 10 km.

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