Reinstall IF for clear space

I’m thinking of uninstalling and reinstalling the App to free up space and delete cache, but I’m afraid to do it because of the danger of something happening with the IF Pro subscription or losing the rank 3 that I have in the account.

Can someone explain me how I can do it properly so that nothing happens and what do I need? Like my account password or something


Reinstalling the app will not result in anything happening you your IF Pro Subscription or losing your Grade level.

You will most likely need to sign back into your account however once you first reopen the app after reinstalling.

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I do know that you will not lose your Pro Subscription or your Grade Level because of a reinstall. The only thing you’d have to do is log back in, which I assume will be no problem for you because you have an account with the community.

If you are still feeling uncomfortable with a reinstall, then I suggest clearing your replays as they take up a lot of space.


Like what the others stated, your IF Pro subscription is linked to the account you use to log into Infinite Flight, or you could restore purchases via the aircraft select screen. The only issue is that you’ll likely need to redo your settings (ex. landing aid).

Try clearing scenery cache first.


If you’re reinstalling the app, make sure you take a backup of any replay files that you want to keep, on Google Drive, or iCloud Drive etc., as you will lose them after you delete the app. You can re-import them to the app once you reinstall it.

(By the way, replays take up a lot of space - so you might want to consider keeping only a few of them).

Your stats and grade will not be affected - just double-check that you have linked your community account to the app in the settings!

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