I have a question for mods/former regulars/whoever, which is which is more likely to get you demoted manually from TL3, being too active, and making a mistake or two, or not being active enough and not feeling like they are really Regulars.


I know this pretty random, just want to know :)


When TL3s dont live up to the expectations of a TL3, sometimes the mods feel that that person does not have what it takes to be Regular.

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I understand that part, but which of the options is more likely?

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Getting to much off topic flag and suspension can take your badge off, I know by experience 😂


The quickest way is option number 2… if you are active all the time and you make a couple of mistakes on questions but you answer a lot of questions right you wont get demoted…a mod may send you a quick PM as a warning but it’s really hard to get demoted for a couple of mistakes if you are active


Regulars can be demoted from Regular if they do not meet the requirements to be a regular in the community. Or if the moderators decide that said person has not earned regular. They can manually demote you.

Manual demotion happens rarely, however can come about from a suspension or if you really screw up big. Hopefully this answers your question.



Yesterday you wanted to know why users are getting banned and today you want to know how users get demoted? Should we be worried?


Errrr, maybe?


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Basically to answer your question simply. There isn’t a simple answer. Being too active isn’t a reason to be demoted. Making one or two mistakes happens daily with all members. And the second option. If your inactive you simple get auto kicked from the badge by system.


I think people are exaggerating the manual aspect of it. We do not sit around and look for people to demote. Doing one bad post isn’t going to get you demoted but if we see a history of behavior which goes against the guidelines of the community we may need to take action.

Trust level is like your grade in the sim. There are specific time based requirements which must be met in order to be TL3. If you decide to take a month off from the forum, your trust level might drop. Like the sim, being active again can raise it up again. For various reasons we do not publish the requirements.

A few months ago there was an adjustment to the requirements which caused people to lose TL3 status but many got it back because they were “on the bubble”.

Hope this helps clear things up.


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