How Do you become regular person rank thing on the forums just asking


You have to be active & read posts & write comments.


Scroll to Regular. The requirements, beware, are not the same as this forum.


And have less than 3 flags for being offensive/spamming. I think it was between the two.


3 flags in 100 days max

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Between spam and offensive remarks.

But what kind of flags are we talking about Flag pole, Red flag, Yellow flag, Orange Flag, Blue flag, Green flag, Pink Flag, Dark Green Flag, Magenta Flag, Dark blue flag and Flag stand

Like which one

A flag is used when something is done wrong, whether it be offensive, spamming, or other reasons. We do not have coloured flags.

If you get three flags for being offensive of spamming in 100 days you cannot become a Regular.

All the guidelines must be met to become a Regular.

Types of flag. Duplicates/off-topic don’t carry consequences, except the annoyance on some members. On the other hand, offensive and spam flags accumulate, and after a certain ammount, they’ll get you under the Moderators eye, and can get you banned if you keep spamming/offending others.

You can PM @Carson to ask him for your current stats.

Does flag means closed ? How about Moderator ?

No, a flag is something completely different.

Tell me about it :)

I just got my Regular status!

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