Regular updates about up-coming updates

Wouldn’t it be nice if once a week a developer announces how far they’re with their work…maybe this would avoid questions like “When will … come” etc.

Would like to hear your opinion :-)


So far the developers do that by releasing screenshots of their work.


That could actually mean the update takes longer to come if they have to keep announcing their progress


That’s kind of what Flight Cast is for. Every 2 weeks there’s a new episode and they frequently mention new things coming to IF whether its a new plane or ATC feature. If I’m not mistaken @jasonrosewell said Laura and Philippe might come on in a few episodes to discuss the 787 update.


Not only that, but this suggestion would in fact slow down development. I’d rather have them focused on developing the app.


ZYes that’s true… I just meant if one of them just write 1-3 sentences about how far they’re because on the screenshots right now for example you only see that there’ll be a B787…not how far they’re with the physics, liveries, handling and stuff like that


I quite like it. Keeps the hype up


I think it is about time that something happens. Otherwise it gets boring. New challenges would be good.


Yeah I like the idea.

How will it slow down development?

It would be very reliving since you wouldn’t have to keep thinking about it anymore

There is a reason the Devs only share features when they are nearing completion. This is because they don’t want to upset people, by showing them a feature that doesn’t make it into release because of problems etc.

I hate reporting my weekly progress to my boss.


i think they should take their time so when this update comes out they dont have to go back and fixe bugs

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