Regular Re-Shuffle || New Expectations

As part of the on-going process of adapting the forum to growing numbers, we are looking at a number of new processes that will allow us to work with the changing situation. As part of that, we have begun to look at our T3 members. You may have noticed the rising number of complaints by forum members about negative comments on threads, and we as moderators are also concerned about this.

We have had a review of all T3 members, and what it means to be T3 overall. We will now be taking into consideration more than just the numbers that qualify you for T3. We will be looking out for things such as the following:

  • Overall number of flagged post
  • Overall number of useful flags
  • Any staff notes, warnings or prior suspension
  • A positive attitude, both to new members and other T3s
  • Ability to introduce new members to the rules of the forum repeatedly; patience
  • Nature of posts and comments and their productiveness
  • How you carry yourself on the official Infinite Flight Instagram and Facebook page, amongst other things

I want to highlight we are now looking at your attitude on the forum more than before and are now placing a much higher value on positive attitudes. This post here summarises the kind of actions we do not expect from T3 members. We may also look into changing the numerical requirements too.

Just because you meet the numerical requirements no longer means you will be kept as T3.

The IFC Moderation Team

Useful Topics:

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Moderation on the Forum
Respecting Other Members
Dealing with Racism
Using External Photos
IFATC Ghosting Topics
Trust Levels


This is great! Being TL3 shouldn’t just be about numbers.
A very reasonable and good policy change.


Will these new things be determined automatically or by a mod?
Great post, btw! I’ve always thought Regulars should be more responsible.

Edit: oh:-( I am no longer a regular…


The moderation team. Funnily enough, we do not have a bot that can determine a positive attitude…


Sounds a great idea. It’s a great honour to be TL3, and I hope that this scheme continues to introduce and maintain positivity amoungst our senior members of the IFC.


Quality over quantity is a huge part of this. Hopefully other regulars will take this as advice to be more careful about making posts that either are constructive or informative. Take a few minutes out of your day to proofread and ask yourself how it can benefit other people on the forum.

While it may be easy to take the anger and “text-style” post route, it doesn’t end well for people. Kinda like falling to the dark side. Being neutral may be tough, but I promise you, it helps people a lot more in the long run.


It’s well thought of. It raises the bar higher for IF standards.


This should be easy to maintain for those that know how to properly deal with their actions on the forum. This is a much needed change, and I look forward to the results in the near future. A step in the right direction was drastically needed. Thanks to Misha and the other Mods for addressing these issues. 👍🏼


I’m not trying to sound rude in anyway, but was this an excuse to sort of “get rid of kids” to mature the IFC a little?


Yep, this has my full support! This is a great change and has been a much needed change!


My full support goes to this! Wish you guys luck!


Well, I’m 14 and I’m still a regular so…

It’s a question more of maturity. Act childish and you aren’t going to be staying etc. Regulars are the ambassadors of the community, they need to have a good maturity level.


So how was the question of maturity decided so quickly?


I would say being a “kid” doesn’t always reflect you’re physical age. I would never have thought that you were as young as 14 based on how you interact with other people here. Same goes for a couple of other young members.

@MishaCamp however, well… i’m still not sure he’s a day over 7 y/o. But that’s a different story.


Well at least you got my gender correct Seb 🤦🏼‍♂️


Still not sure of that either. Been to many controversies lately regarding that and other miscellaneous things. Mwah.


I’m glad to see IFC moving in the right direction addressing the issues that have popped up recently.

I know this will make the forum more enjoyable to read and participate in. I fully support this change.


This is great no more people who are all nicey nice here but on instagram & other media’s aren’t towards IF. Also it’s good to see that you are trying even harder to keep this community mature.


Very much needed. Thank you Misha. Regulars along with the staff are the people new people look up to when joining the forum so making sure they are the correct people is very important.