Registrations missing on some planes

there are a lot liverys that have no registration on the underside off the wing.
the liverys i found out that it is missing are:

SAS A320
Vuelling A320
TAP A320
Wizzair A320
Transavia 737-800
KLM 737-900
Expect more, i’m still searching

i hope the sevelopers will solve this bug


The sevelopers can solve anything.

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Also, I think this should go in #features.

I wouldn’t say this is a bug, but that they just forgot to add it.

Would you like me to fix the title up and move the topic? @Joost3008

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yea is fine @FlyFi, i will add more liverys when i find more without that registration.

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yea, sorry but English is not my first language @Potato_pilot

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