Registration problems

Hey hey!
The 22.8 update is amazing and I have to thank everyone that put his heart in building the Embraer 190 but I noticed a few problems after my first look into it…

First, here you can see on the air France livery that the aircraft’s registration goes through the wing

And then on the KLM livery there’s 2 problems with the aircraft’s registration…

In the cockpit where there’s “TBD” written instead of “PH-EXE”

And under the wing where the registration is kinda inverted…

Same “TBD” problem for Lufthansa, JetBlue special, Qantas and BA

I haven’t looked pretty closely to other liveries but that’s what I found at the moment…


I found this one ;)


The issue is known about the the registrations missing / incorrect in the cockpit. KLM and Air France issues will be noted.


The TBD Is also on jetblue E190 blueprint

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