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Sorry if I ask this here but I don’t know where else I find such aviation experts! :D

Okey, so I wanted to register on to take part in the discussions in the forum. But apparently you can only register as “Photographer” but you need to pay 25bucks to register or upgrade to “Premium Membership” to actually use the forum. My problem is that I can’t register or upgrade to this “Premium Membership” because it doesn’t even show up. I contacted their support but suprisingly no answer. Do any of you guys have experience with the Forums on or the whole registration process?

It’s says free, unless you are taken to dodgy website. Here is the simple link: -hope you are not spamming here, anyone interested in aviation knows that site.

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Just a heads up with, it is an extremely professional forum, so just be cautious, if you say something stupid or make false aquisations you will be made to look like an idiot, I left the forum for that reason,
Not trying to scare you off
Ps they don’t even tolerate spelling mistakes

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I’ve read for years and years and it is a professional site that is filled with real employees and serious avgeeks.

That said, this place is like a bouncy house compared to there. Everyone’s posts that I have read are adults that can spell, don’t spam, and are professional.

From what I’ve seen, the following negatives are semi-consistent: Battles between egos, the extreme ridiculing of users who post something deemed wrong or too general (Not all but some users), and some always negative/angry (Or easily-angered) posters.

Itf you’re going to sign up, only pay the money if you truly want to. I have a free photographers acct to get around the ads and get access to more features.

As a photographer you can only post in the photography forum.

That’s for aviation photography forum only

Not questioning your knowledge as an avgeek but…

Regardless whether you are proficient or not, it would be smart to know airport codes, airline codes, and what’s going on in the airline world (Ex. ME3 vs. US3, the recent LAN/TAM Combo to make LATAM, etc.).

@Boeing707 sorry I don’t get it, explain pls

If you get a free account, you only can post in the photographers account, not the good categories (Civ Av)

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Thank you guys. I’m aware of some posters there and you are totally right. Thx for the help nonetheless.

Sorry if i ask again but i somehow can only register as photographer. It looks like this:

Yes, that’s what I saw, I would recommend register free account and the other account is maybe a upgrade, try logging in desktop mode.

Herens what I’m doing:

Get free acct. to reserve a username. If I someday feel the need or desire to put photos online and start posting, then I’ll upgrade.