Registration Letters Above Cockpit Windows

I’ve noticed British Airways have been putting the end of their registration numbers just above their cockpit windows.

I’d really like for FDS to put this into the game (at least for all BA aircraft going forward, possibly in the 787 if they use BA livery). Not just BA, but theres a few other airlines that are doing this as well. Its looks pretty neat, and adds more realism.



Why only the end of the registration?

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Because the other two letters are distinguishable by the aircraft.

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It depends on how the aircraft texture is mapped, if it’s a simple planar map this will not be possible due to the way the texture is made. If you have any questions about how the planes are mapped and how that limits textures I would be more than happy to explain :)

It’s enough when you only have got the last letters/numbers because the beginning of the registration is sometimes as the same as the of some other aircrafts. And the country code is also the same. For example:


So you see that the country code us the same so, it’s not necessary to write it again. And the beginning is “EO” so the last letter is the most important one. Some Airlines have got a system with the letter registration which says the age of the aircraft. If Emirates have got the system (what I don’t know) it would mean that “A6EOB” is the oldest one, after that comes “A6EOF” and than “A6EOP”…

Back to your idea. It’s a nice idea but the question is how much pilots would definitely look at this?
How much sense makes this if all liveries have got the same registration? Does this idea brings us more to reality? Do you have got a so good quality that you can read it?
I don’t wants to criticize you. But ideas like this can be done later and are not important.


This looks to be confirmed in Laura’s latest instagram post with the Royal Air Maroc 787! You can faintly see the two registration letters right above the cockpit windows!!

Thank you FDS! :)