Registration banned even tho it exists irl

Aight so it seems that you are not able to use this callsign even tho it is realistic and exists irl why is that? I mean its not that bad i mean i cant write it here cause it will get hidden but its OH-FU*

Because it appears you are swearing to someone who reads your callsign with an inappropriate word.

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Please, could you clarify us what happens to you

The simulator does not realize that and it is trying to keep everything appropriate for all ages. There are a few inappropriate waypoints in the aviation database that can not be on infinite flight. It is like this mostly in countries that do not speak your language because in that countries language it is not bad

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I agree with that. What aircraft are you flying @Emil_Levander?

C172 just cause its a ga plane

Why not just find the livery you want and just use the reg on that plane?

Plus, is OH-FU* really realistic?

Ah i just saw it at the airport and thought it was funny and tried if it was in the game and boom well its not a big thing but seemed interesting :)

Yeah… I looked online and I only found inappropriate memes.

Yea it is and so is OH-SHT

search history: deleted

OK I think you get the point.

Well the short answer is, don’t do it. Lots of people on Infinite Flight are under 10 years old, I started Infinite Flight when I was 10, I don’t think if you were a 9 year old and your mom or dad saw that, would you really be allowed to play anymore? No, you probably wouldn’t. That’s why we try to keep IF appropriate for all ages.


Now that the problem is pretty much solved, can we get a mod to close this thread, please?

Yea just was interested and oh well lmao