Registration and flap speeds not showing in cockpit for 2 liveries: A330neo

Hello all, I’m not sure if this has been reported internally so if it is please let me know.

Device information
  • iPhone 12
  • 21.5 (1081)
  • 14.7.1

So, in the cockpit for the A339 we are able to see the registration and the maximum speed for flaps displayed here:

Air Belgium A339 cockpit

However, in the cockpit for the Azul Rosa and the Airbus Liveries it is not displayed at all but covered in white:

Airbus Livery

Azul Rosa Livery

I have checked the other liveries and they all look fine.

As I’ve said, please let me know if it’s been reported. Also, if I’m not in the correct category please either change it (TL3s+) or let me know :)

Thanks everyone, hopefully it gets fixed soon.

Mmm, this seems a bit weird, i’m currenly flying on the hiFly livery and i don’t have this so maybe a bug or a forget on the Roza livery.

I’m not sure, restarting my device and app don’t work and neither does redownloading Infinite Flight.

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Yeah, so maybe a bug.

Maybe, not sure, you may have them in the PFD in the airspeed:

  • Orange marks as flaps max speed
  • -o (green dot) for flaps 1
  • -S for flaps 2
  • -F for flaps 3 and FULL

Is this already in IF? I didn’t see it in my PFD on the neo.

The left screen is the PFD, here you can see the green dot for flaps 1 and the orange mark for flaps 1 speed max

That’s not Infinite Flight though - we do not have those features yet.

But this is a representation of what it is irl. But is it in Infinite Flight? I think not.

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