Regions V.S Streaming

First and most important, I love Infinite Flight. It is the only real flight simulator for a mobile device. Remember to give the developers your utmost thanks.
With the upcoming release of Global, Infinite Flight will be breaking free of regions. This means that you will no longer have regions installed on your device when the new release comes.
Region is the best thing about Infinite Flight as you are able to download the regions you wanted to fly around in and play anywhere off-line. I use Microsoft Flight Simulator mostly to practicing at home. I love pulling out a sectional chart and plotting my flight using the navigation skills I learned as a private pilot. Then flying the flight exactly the way I plotted it using landmarks and VOR tracking. Microsoft did an excellent job with this. The landmarks matched up perfectly with the VOR. When I am away from home I use infinite flight to fly around. I just love to do short flight from airport to airport. I also love to hike and believe it or not there are still many areas that still do not have Wi-Fi or cellular service. We section hike the Appalachian Trail over my vacation and many time we have to split up in order to cover large area of the trail. We have had many occasions when one of us has service in one town and the one on the other side of the mountain in another town does not. This is a problem with streaming. Have you ever watched a movie while streaming and suddenly lose your signal? It happens.
With the new update the regions selection page will disappear and instead you will see a map of the world. At the date of the new update this will be streamed to your device. This means that you must be on-line to use Infinite Flight. I am not sure how this works for people who have already purchased regions. I have been told that you will have to be connected to the internet to fly but you will be able to fly in (almost) the same regions you are now (with improved graphics and 15m satellite imagery). They are working on an offline mode where people can pre-download limited areas much like Google Maps. You can check this out by installing Google Maps on your device and selecting offline areas from the menu bar then go to custom areas and zoom out as far as you can. I believe this is the size of the pre-download areas. But this will not be released until after the next update. This could be a very long wait.
So if you are like me and do most of your flying off-line then you will not want to upgrade when the new update comes. I will wait until we are able to pre-download areas into our device to fly around off-line. Global looks great and if we get bigger areas to fly around in then it will be great. But for right now I will enjoy this great app the way it is now.
I hope this helps others with same concerns.


The regions will still be there after global. I believe they will have offline access


I have a feeling this will be explained in greater detail down the road, even though it has been summed up previously.

No device can handle the humongous amount of data downloads needed for global, hence why it is streamed instead. I think we’ll just have to accept that it’ll be WiFi only.

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They also mentioned it might be a little bit bigger.

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I’m pretty sure, please correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t Laura say in the podcast live from San fransisco about a month ago when she gave the global fight preview that for people who are playing offline global, you’ll still be able to play Global but you won’t get as many airports? Cities?


Maybe – I don’t remember the podcast very well

This comment is for those of us that do most of their flying OFFLINE. If you fly ONLINE it is not meant for you.
I had to PM several moderators’ to get this information because I was concerned about my future with Infinite Flight.
The reason for this comment was to share what I learned about off-line flying.
Please read the whole comment before replying. You do not have to reply at all.
I just want to make other in with same concerns as mine aware of what will happen with when the update is released. Your download regions will be gone replaced with streaming areas for on-line use only.

you are partially right

if you’ve been to that area before, than that area saved onto your device cache meaning that it can be loaded onto the game without streaming it


Come on dude… I am sorry to upset you or your topic, but, near every post you have made on the IFC has been complaining about regions. You have already made a topic about this.

No one knows how it will work when global is released, so we will just have to wait and see. Hopefully, it works out good for you, and for the rest of us too. Good day.


In that case, I would expect 4K 60FPS landing at Glasgow ;)

I mean your device still has to render it so no. no 4k 60fps yet

downloading and streaming regions would only have a small impact on your fps

Then do not read it. You are not flying off-line. are you. This is for people who fly off-line and if you have read the whole comment you would now that I am not complaining about Infinite Flight.

So… If I spawn in at Dubai for example and I do pattern work for maybe 15 minutes, then I fly from Heathrow to Dubai, it will download the scenery better because I’ve bin there before?

When you fly offline you will be able to fly on the current regions, and any areas you have cached.

In the post your don’t mention a suggestion or improvement, or even have anything to say besides “I don’t like this, change it to the way I like”. There is nothing constructive about this topic.


In that case, I’ll be making plenty of flights to and from Scotland, England & the United Arab Emirates. Cought*

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The streaming cache is for online use with a subscription. Not sure how this will work. I believe from I what learned for my PM that the size of the cache is the same size of the pre-loaded areas.
"They are working on an offline mode where people can pre-download limited areas much like Google Maps"
After you leave that area an new area will replace it. This is not a fact. I only was checking for off line use. Sorry.

Except for the new S8, which I might be getting :P

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If you don’t have a subscription you don’t have global.


yoooo the s8 is str8 up fire

on the verge of ditching my s7 edge

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