Regions Airport List for flightplanning

Hi Folks,

while looking for next Airport to spawn at or to fly to, I find it annoying always to scowl up and down of the Airport list in IF or to click on the Airports in FPL map.
Especially when you want to look for a suitable Airport for GA or Mill.
Therefore I made me a spreadsheet in google-docs to filter and search easily.
I would like to share it now, even it currently includes only the smaller regions.

Feel free to comment, and if you want to contribute please DM me.


IF Regions Airports google-doc

edit: now including RWY requirements of several aircraft


This will be added in Global


This is absolutely awesome! It’s nice to see someone who is so dedicated to Infinite Flight and it’s users :D


Yeah, @Collin_Mihalovich, but Global is not released yet. And it is unclear when it will be released. You can wait with flight planning till Global, I wont…


hats off to you, sir

Wow! Nice work… Love to see the dedication and time you put into this. Good thing This will be in Global because that would lots of airports to scroll through to find your desired airport! :)

Wow, that must have taken a lot of work! I’ll definitely be using this for future reference.


Wow very nice!!! This should be on infantile flight

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There working on a different update now it’s called “Global” ;)

I in-cooperated the Aircraft List of @CaptainPlanet s Post as a Matrix in the regional airport list.
Some of the work for the Paris region is also done.

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4 letter code is the ICAO code and the 3 letter is IATA code, I suggest you change this, but apart from that, very nice.

Done. Easy task so far…

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I coloured some fields to make searching easier.
And I finished the Paris region with all Information I can gather e.g. links to VFR and IFR procedures.

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