Regions after Global

Any predictions on what’s going to happen to regions and the people that bought it? Also if we should buy regions with the news of Global coming out soon…

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Welcome to the community! There will be no regions, there will be spawn points at each airport around the globe.


I predict that regions will go away.


Did the devs ever mention if Global will be included with live or will it be a separate add on?


I still don’t get what will happen to regions you paid for? Will they be DLCs in global, so your money won’t go to waste since you still need them for DLCs? It’s just an idea tho…


That information hasn’t been released yet.


It will be for both. Becaus Laura put on her instagram that she was testing for solo also

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They will probably just forget about regions!

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I know nothings been confirmed yet but just wondering about other people’s opinions about whether regions will stay for people who don’t want to pay for global?

Thank you!

Yea I’ve been wondering about this as well! But even if there are DLC’s in global, the regions that are in the game are very small compared to the countries and even continents that you may have to purchase…

With any luck the concept and implementation of regions will be as dead as the Roman Empire.

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