Regional Jet VA

Hey guys, quick question, which VA’s use just regional jets!

Thanks Dan


Hey Dan,
If you check out VA threads in the #live:va category, most include a brief description of their fleet. Smooth Skies!


I know how it works, i was just looking for recommendations


Great. Browsing the category is the best way to go about it because, no matter how subtle, it usually boils down to a lot of self-promotion that is generally looked down upon.


You could consider creating a VA for a large regional carrier, like Republic or SkyWest, and partnering with their corresponding real life VA partners in IF, being Delta, American, and United Virtual.

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Actually yes there is. West sky is actively recruting pilots. we have an all regional jet fleet

Did the real SkyWest give you a copyright complaint, or what was the reason for switching the name?

My only promblem is i have nothing against anyones VA, but im just not a fan of Slack, I rather Discord over everything

According to the VARB Database, Porter Virtual operates the Dash 8-Q400 & communicates via Discord.

Ill take a look, btw its good to see a fellow New Yorker on here

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Oh dan. Here we go again lol. Some do some don’t. You can always check in #live:va. Or just ask a VA staff member. They would be more than happy to help you out.

Have a great day dan!


boy fight me on discord😂 your the reason its gonna get closed

nope. we named it on purpose for that reason so it wouldnt happen

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Yeah. I get it. You want people to join your VA but advertising it BEFORE being IFVARB approved is not the best way. If you like someone, PM them and hope they will join.

If a VA is interesting they are more than welcome to PM you directly.