Regional Hops @ KTPA - 261900ZMAY18

Server: Training

Region: Tampa Bay Area

Airport: KTPA

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: No aircraft larger than the B757-200 please!


Delta CRJ-700 Taken by Charlie Carroll

Basic Description
With the new arrival of the CRJ-700 with all three American liveries, it would be perfect for this airport. Maybe a short hop down to the Bahamas or the Florida Keys? Maybe Orlando? The choice is limitless!

Gates & How to take part


C39 - CRJ700 American Eagle [Envoy 2117] KTPA - MYGF
C36 - CRJ700 American Eagle [LAL2252] KTPA - MYGF
C?? - CRJ700 Delta Connect [Acey 186] KTPA - KRDU

If you’d like to attend, please provide the following information below;

  • Call Sign

  • Aircraft & Airline

We will need ATC for Tampa!


See you all there and happy flying!


Can i take C36 with American Eagle bombardier CRJ-700? Will be flying from KTPA-MYGF (Grand Bahama Inti)

Sure! See you there!

By the way my callsign is LAL2252

I’ll take C39, crj 700 American eagle (envoy 2117) down to grand bahama island

Great, thanks! See you there!

I would be happy to service Tower and Ground for this event.

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Amazing, thank you very much!

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You should probably create a table of Gates so there is no double booking. :)

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All done! :) Hopefully it’s easier!

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Do you get to choose where you fly, but a gate must be reserved, or is there a set route? I’m a tad confused.

Choose where to fly! But be realistic with gate number and aircraft etc.

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Great! Give me a sec.

Callsign will be Acey 186, and I’m flying over to RDU (Raleigh-Durham, NC) in a Delta (Connection) CRJ-700.

Amazing, thanks! See you there!

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