Regional Express | Safety Concerns

Regional Express | Safety Concerns


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Regional Express has been in the news lately, over serious safety concerns and practises regarding their fleet.

What Is Rex?

Rex is a Regional Australian airline, that operates a fleet of Saab 340’s. They serve many small communities in Australia, providing a vital link to the big cities in Australia. In some cases, they are the only airline to serve a community. They have their own pilot training facilities, that train local pilots to fly the Saab 340’s.

So, what exactly has been happening?

The Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association has urged the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to take Rex’s license to maintain it’s planes away. This would in effect, ground their entire fleet. But why exactly are they urging this?

A Jeopardisation of Safety.

The Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association filed a report to CASA in May, that made claims of “Serious breaches of safety obligations”.

The Report Stated:

“Coercion, intimidation and bullying of employees has reached a point where employees are hesitant to report aircraft defects, including major ones, for fear of recrimination.”

“The apparent discouragement of reporting of maintenance defects has created a circumstance where an unknown number of serious defects may not have been reported and aircraft have operated with a serious and imminent risk to air safety”.

The report also included a complaint from a Rex engineer, who was allegedly disciplined for finding corrosion on a propeller on a routine check, which delayed a flight.

Corrosion has popped up numerous times in the news, not only this week, but in 2017, when a 100kg propeller fell off a Rex plane as it was flying to Sydney. The propeller landed in bush land, close to a populated area. The aircraft made a safe landing in Sydney.



Now, back to the safety concerns brought up this week.

Rex has hit back at the report, saying it included ‘wild accusations’ from a ‘disgruntled’ worker.

Now for my opinion.

I am pretty shocked to see this. I’ve flown Rex many times, so it’s scary to think that I could have travelled on a corroding plane.

What are your opinions on this?

TL;DR - There are safety concerns for the Rex fleet, and it might be grounded.


The planes REX uses are pretty old. Actually, the very first time I was on an airplane was a Crossair flight on a Saab 340 in February 1998. That very plane is flying for REX today. I had in mind to travel to Australia at some point to fly on the plane again.

However, safety is the number one priority. If safety can’t be guaranteed, than the airline needs to make some steps to reassure that. If they fail to do so, it’s the authorities obligation to step in.

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Well I hope they get themselves sorted out soon or they could end up like Allegiant


@Marc yea, they are pretty old. I flew on one a couple of years ago and to say the least, it didn’t look very nice. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

@Qantas094 hopefully they do, we don’t want another Allegiant scenario.


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