Regional Express (REX) Boeing 737-800 Livery

Found a vote for a request that was confirmed and put my support for this one :)

Thanks so much mate. Your support means a lot!

Fingers crossed we can see the livery in the app soon!

Im spotting rn, and there is a REX B738 that is departing in a few mins doing ADL-MEL!

As a fellow Aussie, I’ll be voting for this. REX is the heart of regional travel in Australia and I think it’s time for some more Aussie airlines in Infinite Flight.

Great feature, Deco!

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Thanks so much for the support mate. You certainly are correct when you say REX is the heart of regional travel in Australia. Would be fantastic to see this livery in the simulator.

We’ve also reached 40 votes which is amazing. Now the next target it 50!


This livery actually looks pretty cool. Think it would be a good addition. You have my vote.

I didn’t realize you were from Australia Declan! That’s awesome! Definitely a bucket list destination for me!

Thanks so much for your support. This livery certainly is stunning. And yes, I’m in Australia, living upside down, haha.

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,uʍop ǝpᴉsdn, uɐǝɯ no⅄

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Funny thing is, I read this easily the first time because it was the right side up. Is there meant to be something different about this?

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Time to give this topic a little bump I reckon, now that some people will have a few more votes to spare due to the recent changes regarding the #features category and special liveries etc.

This isn’t a special livery by any means, but this livery does have a special place in my heart and in the heart of many Australians who are lucky to know REX as an airline.

Would love to see this livery in Infinite Flight one day!

Can’t wait to take the controls!

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Thanks so much for voting mate. Appreciate it!

This livery is certainly a stunner and can’t wait to see this in Infinite Flight one day. Would make a change from the big airlines.