Regional Airports with International Service

Hello! Do you live near a small airport that has or had international service? If so, comment below! Always interested to see if anyone lives near an airport that has or had international flights.
KMHT (Manchester-Boston Regional airport)
Currently has int’l service? No
Previously had int’l service? Yes
Airline: Air Canada Express (Air Georgian) B1900D
Route(s): YYZ-MHT x3 | YUL-MHT x2
Commenced service: 1999 beginning with Toronto
Ended service: 2010

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EGNS Has had private jets from the us but that’s it

I’m guessing that that’s in England?

No, British Isles. Slap bang in the middle of the Irish Sea.

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I don’t live near here, but does KMYR, Myrtle Beach Intl count? I was there for vacation and went spotting with my dad. It’s like Intl connections. MD-80s (mostly Allegiant), 737s, A320s, Beechcrafts, etc. there was also a C-17, F/A-18s and heavy props for a Military Air Show ;)

Yes, KMYR counts lol, it has international service via Porter :3

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KCVG offers regional service from the airlines and international service for cargo. They have a DHL shipping hub on the property.

What does the title mean? If it has international service, then it’s not a regional airport.

I don’t know any regional airports nearby with Intl. service, closest is ATL though

You never know. KPVD is regional and had international service

Isn’t Condor ending service to FRA soon though?

Yes, but Azuras Air still offers int’l service

Yep kcvg does do mostly regional, a few longer range flights and one international passenger route once a day to paris with a 767. (delta)


Other international flights include Toronto, Cancun, Punta Cana, Freeport, and Montego Bay.

EGHI- (Southampton) mainly regional with KLM using the Fokker 70 and the occasional Flybe embreaer to Europe

There’s also an Air Canada CRJ to Tronto

I didn’t know that about the Paris flight. I’ve grown up flying out of CVG, I just like being there overall. Too bad security is so tight post 9/11. At least it’s for really good reasons.

My hometown airport will soon get international service! KSBN is finishing their new customs station now

Allegiant to Mexico huh? Lucky! MHT doesn’t have a Customs facility, but Gate 4 can have customs built near the gate if we happen to land an international carrier.

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I love near KHPN which has had some business jets fly from London and probably a commercial flight from Canada. That is where my flight school is.