Hey @infiniteflight another cool, but small detail that I think would make a big difference is the flight regions/zones. It is an option at the bottom of the hub where it tells you which region you are currently flying in, and what bugs me sometimes is how I could be flying in Manchester, but it would say the region/zone is London Europe. Making this accurate would make a nice realistic touch to the game!!

This is referring to time zone I believe. And in most cases, when referring to a time zone, the biggest city in the zone, followed by country is how you write one. Ex- New York/USA

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The name of the time zones are sourced from real world information, and real world used timezone names. For example my officially named timezone is London (UTC+0) although I don’t live in London.

In other words, this is a realistic touch already the game. You’ve got the detailed map and various flight trackers to see where you’re flying over. 🙂


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