Region Update | A request to moderators

Hi Community,
I just want to know why their is no ‘India’ in the region section of profile. I hope moderators can see this and add the India in the region section.

Thanks !


You can use your current region …
I hope it shud be there …
I have it …

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There is already a location field. You can put your City, country, whatever you want to in there.


However I do see what you mean. This may be related to the language support for Discourse.


Yeah I have updated on the location section. But still I feel a little bad when I don’t see India in there. I hope you can understand that @Chris_S 😉

It directs me to USA region 😂. So it does not work for me Hari. BTW thanks for helping !

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Np 👌👌…

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Just a follow up. We are looking into why it is that way. It is not under our control so we will probably reach out to discourse and see what they say.

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Sure ! Thanks for the follow up.

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