region take away

Did Infinite Flight y take away certain regions? I had purchased all the regions before global and I dont see london or Paris in my app even though I paid for the scenery.

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Global comes with the whole world no regions…

I dont have a pro account

Non pro subscribers

For those who does not or cannot afford a pro account

I don’t have pro either right now and I have them, I’m not really sure what’s happening, sorry :(

Its for non pro subcribers

He hasn’t got the pro subscription

Exactly. If you don’t have the Pro Subscription you are limited to a certain amount of regions.

Regions are also no longer available for purchase due to the recent update.

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Yes but look at his screenshot, he can’t see the regions at all, but I can…

He’s talking about the ones he purchased before Global.

In the screenshot, you can see the Amsterdam region. Regions you purchased pre-global may no longer be available.


Oh wait i see them, just zoom in further onto the map and they will be visible

@Aeroplane747, first make sure you are using the same login account that you used when you purchased the regions. When you log in, click on the “Restore Purchases” button on the account page. See if that gives you your purchased regions back. You may need to zoom in a little to see them. Please note that the Singapore region (which was free) was removed due to poor image quality from the satellite image providers.

For everyone else:

  • The OP purchased regions prior to global
  • The OP does not have global now
  • While in-app purchases are NO LONGER supported, you do get to keep your regions and planes that were purchased prior as long as you are using the same account it was purchased under. This is the purpose of the restore purchases button on the screen.

Yes, they switched some regions around if you don’t have pro. You can now fly between two regions if they connect in certain areas in the regions I believe.

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