Region of the week / Hawaii / Suggested routes


As most of you know, the region of the week (ROTW) is determined by the Friday Night Flight event.
And so this week, the ROTW is Hawaii. What this means is that ATC on the advanced server will try to provide service in this particular region on most occasions.

Thanks to @Tyler_Shelton we have two routes with ATC procedures (PHKO - PHOG and PHOG - PHNL). I encourage pilots to try them if not done already as they are really fun:

In the spirit of diversification, I have worked on a third route, slightly shorter (15-20 mins), also based on a real route, with full procedure: PHTO - PHKO.

This way, a pilot with some time on his hands could do the full PHTO - PHKO - PHOG - PHNL trip based on real world procedures :)

With that, please find the route below - it would be great if pilots as well as ATC followed the procedure for this particular route - enjoy!

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If I remember right I don’t think Kona (PHKO) has approach?

Anyway, great route! Would be cool to do a flight from and to all major airports as you said 😉

You might be right, I didn’t double check!

Edit: indeed no approach on PHKO - the route still stays valid, just don’t expect to be vectored in :)