Region of the day: London

Lets get some facilities manned and have some fun! Keep up the great work :)


EGBB Tower open for those looking to get some space from London or make a longer flight to/from there. 😃

Nice controlling :) was going to fly to Birmingham anyway and then saw the tower was manned. Boy that filled up quickly though once London City closed up!

Thanks! I appreciate you coming by. Glad I made it a smooth trip. 😃

im in your ground, l was earlier. A few of them didn’t understand which route to taxi, then wouldn’t switch to you, even after I prompted them for a back taxi. We NEED to be and to give directional taxi instructions.

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Agreed. This airport has that one odd taxiway that ends oddly into the runway which is confusing some people.


Thanks for stopping by Birmingham for the touch and goes! 😀

If you have any feedback for me, please let me know. It was a fun night in the London area.

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😉 ha ha ha