Region Including Ethiopia, Djibouti and South Yemen

A large region including Africa and the Middle East including the countries of Djibouti,Ethiopia, Yemen and perhaps South Eritrea (Assab Airport). I have included two links below showing the airports in Yemen and Djibouti. I realise this may be too large but I’m not sure if so Djibouti, Eritrea and Ethiopia on their own might be interesting


Honestly I only see a reason for this if it connects Sana’a to Addis Ababa. I don’t have much of a drive to fly into Eritrea or Djibouti

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Euh…yes, that would be nice but lot’s of airlines don’t fly there. Yemenia has been banned at CDG…

Wouldn’t West of Africa be better? Lagos, Abidjan…etc.


I suppose, I just think it’d be nice to fly from Africa to Asia and the region would have a large amount of airports in it. I also agree that Lagos would be interesting but there are already posts asking for this so I just thought I would suggest something new. You have to suggest very obscure regions if you want to suggest any new ones.

It’s pretty difficult to come up with any interesting region now that hasn’t already been suggested. I know it’s pretty obscure, sorry.

Please separate these regions in features or move to general

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oh seemed like three different region requests

Sorry, I was trying to suggest one large region.

Maybe change the title to reflect that like region including or something like that

We do need an Africa region but I am flexible for where it would be.

I don’t know much about the airlines flying in Africa so I don’t know whether it would be better in an area with more major airports

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@Brandon_Sandstrom I’ve done that now, sorry for any confusion

No worries it much clearer now thank you

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Hey guys I found this I the internet Wawooo

You realise global flight is coming? :)

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When exactly ???

The whole worlld is coming soon to IF.

Sometime. Once the developers are comfortable and are satisfied that what they have done is to an acceptable standard, then it will come out. :)

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Global release in 2017 took care of this.