Region hopping

Ok so my live/pro account expired today so I am limited to regions again. When I leave a region my engines cut out… However I take a f-16 and can get enough altitude and speed to make it into the next available region where my engines kick back in. I want to know if anybody else has done this. My plan is to work out a route and see how far I can get before I sign up again this weekend.


Hahaha that’s pretty awesome!

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I think it would have been best if you didn’t share this xD I don’t think devs like to see their customers defying their rules and systems.


Your allowed to region hop now. You will not get penalized.

Within reason. Going between regions that are connected by a corner is fine. Trying to go from SoCal to Seattle probably wont cut it.

This is with the Pro version. The old/Android version it is still not advisable to try to hop regions.

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I got from London
Region to somewhere in mid France. About 100miles between where I left 1 region and entered the other 😃

While it isn’t recommended, I think an F22 at FL3000 could make it from SoCal to NorCal.

I will give it a go and let you know!!!

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Remember FL3000 is 300,000 feet not 30,000 ;)
Best of luck!

FL300 is 30.000ft. Lol. FL3000 would be 300.000.


Yes when you’re at FL3000 contact NASA on 129.65


I am a certified software tester so trying all sorts😂

Hey i want to try this but with an airliner from AMS to CDG
did it work for you?

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