Region Fill Up @ TNCM - 271530AUG16

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Caribbean

Airport: TNCM

Time: 1530Z
Welcome to my second region fill up! The first one was a succes (Sort of) so I decided to do a new one. This time we’ll fill Caribbean because its a paid region so hopefully there will not be so much nimrods.

NOTAM: We try to fill the Caribbean in TS1. Join as an ATC or a pilot.
If you join as an ATC see assigments below.

###ATC Assigments:

TNCM Tower: @The_Greatest_Basket
TNCM Approach:
TNCM Center:

TFFR Ground & Tower:
TFFR Approach:

I only try to fill TFFR and TNCM for now but you can still control whatever place you wan’t.
See the older region fill up here:

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You’re now added, thank you.

Actually I don’t think I can make that time, sorry.

Okay, you can join later as well because I think there will be some people in the region for a while.

Any more ATC’s?

Sounds interesting, I should be able to fly.

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Don’t have the region, otherwise I would fly. 🙂

Sorry to hear that. :( I might do these more in some free regions as well.

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That would be great!

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Actually last time it was Amsterdam but there were so much nimrods.

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Have fun guys! I won’t be able to attend, as I’m traveling.


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