Region Fill-Up @ EHAM - 221630ZJUL16

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Amsterdam

Time: 1630Z

NOTAM: We will fill up the Asterdam region on PG. Come as a pilot or an ATC. Please choose a frequency of you come as an ATC

ATC Assigments:
EHAM Tower & Ground: a380fan
EHAM & EHRD Approach: Xpheros
EHAM Departure: Xpheros
EHAM Center: hmkane

EBBR Tower & Ground:
EBBR Approach:

EDDL Tower & Ground: The_Greatest_Basket
EDDL Approach:


I will control EHAM TWR/GND

I will control Departure and Approach on EHAM!

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Would come but I’ll be doing the event in the London region on Advanced this evening :(

Friday Night Flight? If so, this is an hour earlier than that.

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@Xpheros and @a380fan your spots have now been assigments.

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I’ll be there as a pilot

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Okay, good.

I need someone for EDDL approach.

I could possibly be EHAM Center. It depends.

Okay, would be better if you could be Duesseldorf approach.

Approach ain’t my thing

Okay, youll control the Center then.

In poition on tower and ground!

Sorry Im late, badly…

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Sorry I am rage quitting EHAM, it’s like trying to control at KLAX on playground - people won’t follow instructions

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I had to go, was a nice time controlling at EHAM.
Thank you for all of you who came. :)
P.S: I only had one nimrod, others followed instructions.


Im finished… People won’t listen! Guys… Don’t change frequency without permission!!!


Glad you had people following instructions, lots of my lot were crossing/entering runways without permission, changing frequency too early, taxiing to the wrong runway or landing on the wrong runway when they had prior notice about the correct runway.


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