Region Feature Requests

I’m just saying this for new members that are not up to date with the news. Global flight is confirmed now so in the #features category there should be No more region requests. Since most of us now about this All places will be added from Pegasus Field Airport in Antarctica to Rovaniemi airport in the Arctic.So there is no need for requests like that. We will be getting All airports. You may not get the tiny airports but later sure you will get them. So from here onward there is no need for region requests. Case Closed. Also here is the approach for BINP Rovaniemi airport.

Note: Those two airports may not be added immediately but they are used as an example for what I’m talking about.


I was also thinking on making a post about that. Thanks for doing it:)


Ok I just thought about making this for the new people that want don’t know about global flight.


These 2 together would make a great editorial 😉

Maybe there are new users who are always requesting these things, that I can tolerate, but older users? Please guys you know the rules already…😕

Topics like this need to be pinned :D

Its Rovaniemi airport. My cousins house is in a good place to spot there.

how far away will this update be, is it going to be on live and solo or just live

No one knows

Naah, Doesn’t need to be pinned it was just something I needed to get cleared.

Ready to fly from Antarctica to the Arctic

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